What is Faces Consent and Faces Shop?

Faces Consent is a resource hub for practitioners in the aesthetic and beauty industry. We want to make sure that our users get all they need in one place, so the in-app shop was launched.

Faces has over 18,000 users which makes it a perfect platform for you to sell your products.

What are Faces’ Terms and Conditions?

Seller terms and conditions can be found here Terms and Conditions

What products are allowed and prohibited on Faces?

Faces are constantly vigilant on what is listed and sold, products from verified suppliers can be sold. All products will need to carry a CE mark.

What do I need to do to register as a seller on Faces?

To create a sellers account you can do this here Sellers account

Alternatively, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll send you an on-boarding document with the information we need to get you set up.

Can users leave feedback/reviews?

Yes, we love it when Facesters leave reviews and feedback back on products, by doing this it allows others to find the best products to treat their clients with. You can leave reviews on each product under ‘Reviews’ on the product listing page.


What products can and can’t I sell as a pharmacist?

Currently Faces only accepts products that benefit and to be used within clinic environments, we don’t list items that the general public would purchase. All listed items will need to be eligible for sale within the UK.


How do I add a product?

You can start listing new products by logging into your sellers account and either listing on an individual basis or by uploading a full product inventory via a CSV file, Faces has an example of the CSV file structure within your account.

If you need assistance please contact us directly and we’ll help out.

How do I add a discount code?

You can add new discount codes as well as manage them directly within your sellers account, this can be found under ‘Discount Code’

How do I change the price/photo/description on my product/s?

Product changes such as images, price and description can be found within your sellers account under inventory.

How do I receive order invoices and purchase orders

Invoices can be found within your sellers account, all purchase orders from buyers can be found within your seller account, however you will be notified by email on each sale purchase, an order email confirmation will be sent to the email address you have registered with.

Can I advertise on my social media accounts that I’m selling on Faces?

Yes sure! Free feel to use Faces branding as much as you like, if you need anything just let us know and we can help out.

Can I contact users directly if I have a concern with their orders?

Yes if you need to speak to the buyer directly then all their details can be found on the confirmation purchase order.


How do I get paid?

Customer payments will go directly to the Faces payment gateway, from which will then be released to your bank account once a week, normally on a Saturday.

How much is Faces fees on final sales?

  • 10% on fillers, consumables and everything else
  • 3% on toxins
  • 15% on online courses and digital products

How can I contact Faces’ support?

You can send us an email at [email protected] or call 01785 558018 Our customer service team is available Monday to Friday, 8AM till 5PM.

Is there any other fees aside from Faces commissions?

Faces gateway bank fees 2% plus 10p per transaction.

Refunds: £1 gateway fee on each refund processed.

When do you take out your commissions?

Faces will automatically deduct commission fees from payments made. Full breakdown statements can be found within your sellers account.

What happens if I need to refund a product back to the buyer?

If a buyer for whatever reason needs to be refunded, just let the Faces team know and the buyer will be refunded directly from Faces, this will then be deducted from any future payouts if you have already received payout for the product. If not it will just been noted on your statement that the buyer received a refund.