Shipping and Return

If you require a refund or would like to return an item that has been sold by one of the listed sellers you will need to do the following:

Refunds are processed within 5 days from when the refund request has been received. Once the seller has received your refund request and has notified Faces the refund can be processed.

If any further information is required about the refund please contact the seller direct or Faces direct.


Below shipping costs are based on UK locations only, standard delivery is next day with DPD (shipping prices may change from time to time)

If items are shipped directly from the manufacturer or brand partner, shipping prices may change.

If order is from Northern Ireland, North Scotland or Offshore then additional charges may apply, customer will be told about these before shipment is made.

Additional surcharges may apply if delivery is to offshore islands, including Northern Ireland, and to various Scottish postcodes north of Glasgow / Edinburgh. A delivery surcharge may also apply for orders placed from continental Europe. Faces will seek confirmation from the customer that any adjustment to the quoted cost of carriage is acceptable, prior to despatching the order. All orders are sent securely via DPD and from time to time DPD may be late or loose a parcel. Faces do not take responsibility for missing or late orders. But will do their best to resolve the issue.

Delivery times do not include Weekend or national holidays.

Please make sure that your shipping address is not your billing address. As Faces with ship out to the address that is under ‘Shipping’

Order Deadlines

Current cut of for all orders Monday to Friday is 3.30pm. Any orders after this point will be sent out the following working day.

Overseas Delivery

Orders made from locations outside of the UK need to contact [email protected] to arrange delivery and costings.

Returns Policy

Products sold via the Faces site and app by Faces direct can be returned if they are the following:

Items returned to Faces for the reasons outlined above should be done so within 30 days of receipt, and should also meet the following criteria:


Returns to be sent to:

Faces Staffordshire Technology Park, Faces Consent, Centurion House, 27 Anson Ct, Stafford ST18 0GB

Cancelling an Order

Order cancelations must be emailed into Faces within 2 working days of when purchase was made. Order cancellations must have a valid reason on why the order needs to be cancelled. Once an order has been cancelled a full refund will be made and monies will be received by customer within 10 working days.

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